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Calvin Bennett entered the world in Oakland, California on November 25, 1925, later relocating to Monona, Iowa, where he received his upbringing and education. His journey led him to Visalia in 1943, where he assumed management at Kertel’s Fountain, situated at the intersection of Center and Court.

In August of 1964, Calvin, affectionately known as Cal, embarked on his entrepreneurial path, securing a loan of $495.00 from his Aunt Cleo Kertels, thus igniting the beginning of an extraordinary legacy. From its inception, Cal infused his office furniture enterprise with an unwavering commitment to exemplary customer service, attributing its success not only to his own industriousness but also to the dedication of his trusted employees.

With a philosophy that emphasized the importance of enjoying one's work, Cal fostered an environment where camaraderie thrived, and business flourished. The evolution of his enterprise culminated in its current location at 615 N. Plaza Dr., where he partnered with his youngest son, Stanley Calvin Bennett.

Following 78 years of impactful existence, Cal departed in December of 2003, leaving behind a legacy that would endure through the ages. His son, Stan, born and raised in Visalia on August 9, 1954, emerged as a pivotal figure in the continuation of the family business. Starting from the ground up, Stan immersed himself in every facet of the operation, ultimately ascending to a shared office space with his father. In 2005, All-Ways Moving emerged under Stan's stewardship, guided by principles of fostering enduring relationships and empowering others. Stan's distinguished character, encapsulated by his belief that wisdom is derived from collective experiences, endeared him to the Visalia community.

Although Stan departed in September 2023, his entrepreneurial acumen and leadership endure, shaping the ethos of CAL BENNETTS and All-Ways Moving. Their shared commitment to delivering products with utmost convenience to customers remains the cornerstone of the enterprise's success.

Today, the legacy of service and integrity cultivated by Cal and Stan serves as the foundation upon which CAL BENNETTS and All-Ways Moving continues to thrive. For a return to genuine, old-fashioned service, we invite you to contact our office today.